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The Plant & Vehicle section is located at Megabid in a number of green Pack-away buildings. The office is directly up the drive into Megabid yard. The workshop and store of the PWD Plant & Vehicle Section has staff of 17 looking after the FIG/PWD fleet of plant trucks and vehicles. The section provides plant, transport and mechanical support for all PWD sections and their construction partner. We purchase new and replacement plant for PWD. P&V also purchases light vehicles for all other FIG departments and arranges the disposal of vehicles and plant that is no longer required. We do not service or repair light vehicles but we do organise servicing and repair of the PWD light vehicle fleet that makes up roughly half of all FIG light vehicles. We provide assistance and advise other departments regarding repairs and maintenance. We look after the day to day running of FIG vehicle insurance. We facilitate visits by engineers who carry out inspections on all FIG pressure vessels and lifting equipment from shackles and strops to cranes and lifts.We deliver diesel to construction sites with our 10,000 litre and 8,000 litre diesel tanker trucks. There is a full time tyre fitter to repair tyres for all types of equipment from light vehicles to 30 plus tonne wheeled loaders. There is a large store that stocks a selection of consumable parts.


Capital projects

When PWD or partners undertake capital projects we provide plant and transport and charge hire so that the true cost of a particular job can be seen. We also charge hire for the heavy equipment used by the Materials section for production of aggregates and asphalt.


Pool Vehicles

The section holds a number of pool vehicles that are available to other departments for short term use.


Types of equipment available.

We provide the following plants:

· Tipper trucks ranging from 18 to 32 tonnes, some insulated for asphalt works, others with rock bodies

· Flat bed trucks

· Low loaders for moving plant weighing up to 60 tonnes

· Mini excavators

· Excavators up to 30 tonnes

· Loading shovels from 16 tonne up to 30 tonnes

· Dozers

· Wheeled excavators

· Generators up to 55 KVA

· Articulated 6x6 dump trucks

· Site de watering pumps

· Compressors

· Rough terrain crane

· Motor graders

· Rollers of various sizes and types

· Asphalt pavers

· Tractors

· Vacuum tankers, towed and demountable

· Telescopic handlers

· Snow clearance equipment including demountable gritters

· Towed diesel tankers

· Assorted hand tools


Light 4x4 vehicles

· Land Rover Defenders 90s, 3 door 110's 5 door 110s, 130's

· Japanese style Crew Cab 4x4 pickups



Due to the location of the Falkland Island and lack of dealer support for many machines the workshop staff have to be multi-skilled, working on a variety of equipment from small generators to large earth moving equipment; the largest item being worth over £330,000.

Mechanics are required to have good welding and fabrication skills and be competent a diagnosing faults on modern equipment. We stock and cut laminated glass for repair of windows, undertake a limited shot blasting and spray painting operation to maintain appearance of machines when possible.

Staff are generally locally recruited, we regularly undertake training on new items of plant off and on Islands to ensure we minimise down time and maximise output.

We train apprentice's in conjunction with the Training Centre up to NVQ level 3, apprentice's are expected to undertake training in the UK.