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How to report a repair

You can report a fault/repair by calling our maintenance co-ordinator on 27185 or emailing

Our repairs team is available on Monday to Friday from 8am to 4.30pm. Outside of these hours an emergency only service operates. For gas, water leaks and no heating out of hours call 55193. For electrical emergencies

Non-emergency repairs

These repairs will be booked at the earliest convenient timeslot. Examples of non-emergency repairs are:

  • General roof repairs, faulty taps, blocked and leaking gutters and rainwater pipes
  • Routine carpentry repairs
  • Defective plaster and plasterboard
  • Floor tiles in wet floor areas

Emergency repairs

We aim to complete emergency repairs as quickly as possible, depending on how severe the problem is. Some problems that may need an emergency repair include:

Any circumstance where there is an immediate structural or serious services failure and/or danger to people's safety

  • Major bursts and leaks where flooding is likely to occur
  • Emergency repairs to damaged glass where security and/or safety is involved, especially in communal areas
  • Blocked toilet (if there is only one in the property)
  • Electrical failure to the whole house or dangerous electrics
  • Leak requiring attention within 24 hours
  • Broken glass, if a crime reference number is provided
  • Blocked drains

When you contact us

We will advise you if there is anything you can do to resolve the issue and book the repair at the earliest appointment convenient.

You can help us by letting us know as soon as a repair is required rather than calling with multiple repairs and knowing when you'll be at home so we can arrange an appointment.

In all cases please refer to your tenants handbook

Housing Fault Reporting