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A pet that is well behaved and properly cared for can be a great addition to a family home.

We are happy for you to keep an animal as long as your property is suitable and the animal doesn't disturb your neighbours. If you wish to have a pet in your home, you will need to apply in writing to us so we can give you permission to do so.

We do not allow our customers to keep dogs in flats.

Animals you can keep as pets

The types of animals you can and can't keep as a customer of FIG homes are:

• Domestic cats and dogs
• Small domestic animals such as rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs
• Small birds including Chickens
• Fish
• Guide dogs (under the Disability Discrimination Act 2005)

Animals you can't keep as pets

• Certain types of venomous snake, spiders, primates and monkeys
• Any type of bird of prey such as kestrel, owl, or buzzard
• Pit Bull Terrier
• Japanese Tosa
• Fila Brasileiro
• Dogo Argentino

Please contact us if you wish to keep an animal as a pet. We need to know so we can arrange a pet contract with you.

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