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Public Works Department

Ensuring that some of our most basic needs are met, Public Works Department (PWD) impacts the daily lives of those who live, work and visit the Falkland Islands. Whether it's keeping roads safe for travel after a heavy rain or snowfall, preserving the natural beauty of the Islands, or delivering clean, safe drinking water, or electricity to all homes in Stanley and beyond, more than 130 staff provide reliable and efficient services to the community all year round.

PWD in the current blueprint was formed after the 1982 conflict. However PWD has existed in some guise since Governor Moody appointed the first Surveyor General, Murrell Robinson in 1843 to transform Stanley to the new Falkland Islands capital. Since 1841, the essence of engineering works in the Islands has evolved over time with appointments of Public Works Director or Design Engineer or Works Superintendent. The period between 1841 till the 1982 conflict saw implementation of key works such as Dairy Paddock Reservoir, Moody Brook Dam, the Dairy Paddock Power station and expansion of Stanley as the Capital of the Falkland Islands.

The main thrust for the formation of PWD came in the mid 70's with several key projects such as Stanley Airport and the School Hostel. Following the conflict in 1982 the rapid expansion of Stanley and the rest of Islands saw exponential increase in the development of the Islands by PWD.