The Census is carried out every five years and as the same core set of questions is asked in each census, it allows for the comparison of different census periods and to monitor changes and trends over time. It provides a snapshot in time of the people living in the Falkland Islands, and the findings build a picture of the social and cultural life of people living in a remote but thriving community

The census figures relate to the de jure population who were present on Census Night i.e. all individuals counted at the time of the census who are usually resident in the Islands.

The last census was undertaken on 9th October 2016, marking the 24th conducted in the Falkland Islands since the first census was carried out by a resident Governor in the Islands in 1842.

The results of the Census, including the full report and headline report, are available to download.

Falkland Islands Census 2016 - Full Report
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Falkland Islands Census 2016 - Headline Results
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Table 1a: Total Population by sex and location breakdown (de facto) - all individuals counted at the time of census, regardless of where they normally reside (i.e. including visitors and foreigners temporarily residing in the country).

Population                              Both Sexes                       Male                        Female  
TOTAL                                        3,354                           1,820                          1,532
STANLEY                                    2,524                           1,314                          1,208
CAMP                                           397                              197                             200
MPC                                              381                              259                             122
MARINE VESSELS                          52                                50                                 2


Table 1b: Total Population by sex and location breakdown (de jure) - all individuals counted at the time of census who are usually resident in the Islands.

Population                              Both Sexes                         Male                         Female
TOTAL                                          3,198                              1,687                          1,511
STANLEY                                      2,458                              1,261                          1,197
CAMP                                             381                                 188                             193
MPC                                               359                                 238                             121
NON-RESIDENT                             154                                 133                               21

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