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The Policy & Economic Development Unit has a responsibility to provide statistical analysis in line with the Falkland Islands Statistical Ordinance, producing statutory documents such as the Census Report.

The data collection, analysis and interpretation carried out by the Policy & Economic Development Unit helps to underpin future strategies by providing a robust evidence base, aiding in the decision making process across Government.

The Policy & Economic Development Unit is also committed to providing ad-hoc statistical and technical support internally within Government and to other external bodies in relation to a diverse array of social and economic topics.

The Unit's statistical arm is responsible for monitoring the social and economic prosperity of the Islands using a number of different data collection and analysis techniques. The monitoring process involves co-ordinating various studies and projects across a wide range of areas such as:

  • Census
  • Household Expenditure Survey
  • National Accounts
  • Living Wage / Minimum Income Standard

Copies of statistical data available to the public can be found by visiting our Downloads Page.

For any further information please contact:

Maeve Daly, Statistician & Social Policy Advisor

Phone: + 500 28422

Email: mdaly@sec.gov.fk


Davide Ranghetti, Economist & Economic Policy Advisor

Phone: + 500 28429

Email: Dranghetti@sec.gov.fk