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The Environmental Studies Budget (ESB) provides annual funding to help people in the Falkland Islands conduct activities and research which benefit and enhance our environment.  Projects eligible for funding must assist in the management or enhancement of biodiversity in the Falkland Islands. 

Priority is often given to initiatives which include environmental research, on-ground action, and educational activities addressing the following key themes, which are:

  • Invasive Species and Biosecurity,
  • Vulnerable Species and Habitats,
  • Priority Protected and Designated Sites

Previous projects which have been funded include Arch Islands National Reserve Restoration project.

The ESB funding for 2019/20 is available. The application deadline is Friday 16th August 2019. 

The application form is available on our 'Licences and Permits' section of our Downloads page, or you can email environmental.officer@sec.gov.fk for a copy.