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The Falkland Islands Government is committed to protecting and managing the Islands' environment and wildlife.

Falkland Islands State of the Environment 2020
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In order to acheive this, and support the wider goals of the Island Plan, the role of the Environmental Officer encompasses the following activities:

  • Providing individuals and organisations with required permits and licences for shooting, egging etc.
  • Managing and providing access to Kidney Island and FIG owned Islands, by proving visitor permits and creating a long-term management plan
  • Supporting people in the Falkland Islands conduct activities and research which benefit and enhance our environment, through the annual Environmental Studies Budget provided by FIG.
  • Improving and developing tools for waste management in the Islands
  • Managing all areas of Stanley Common, through development of Stanley Common Management Plan, and wider work to ensure access is controlled


For more information contact:

Denise Blake, Environmental Officer & Environment Policy Advisor 

Phone:+500 28427

Email: environmental.officer@sec.gov.fk