The Designated Exploration Area (see Fig.1) covers over 400 000 Km2, roughly the size of Texas and approximately 50% larger than the UK North Sea. The area is based on a preexisting fisheries conservation zone; the western boundary adjacent to the eastern limits of the Argentine EEZ.

The Designated Area is subdivided into quadrants based on one degree of latitude by one degree of longitude (Map of Quadrants/Blocks), each of which is subdivided into thirty Blocks. The numbering system used for the quadrants and blocks is similar to the UK North Sea, and wells are numbered in a similar fashion; for example, 14/09-1 refers to the first well in Quadrant 14, Block 09.


 Fig.1: Falkland Islands Designated Exploration area (click to enlarge)Fig.1: Falkland Islands Dsignated Exploration area

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