Patients who cannot be treated in the Islands can be referred to UK hospitals under the reciprocal agreement between the UK NHS and the Islands Health Service. Increasing numbers of patients are also referred to Santiago in Chile for treatment. This tends to be for investigative and more minor procedures as the cost of more major treatment is much greater than flying patients to the UK

A variety of specialists visit on an annual or biennial basis, depending on need. Specialist services provided in this way include Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Orthopaedics, ENT and Oral and Maxillo-facial surgery. Visiting specialists provide consultation and surgery for some elective cases which can wait until they visit.

We are also supported by Consultant Advisors covering all specialties listed above plus paediatrics, neonatology and anaesthetics – to name a few, who can provide advice in the management and treatment of specific patients.

Bowel Cancer Screening Update

We will shortly be hosting a visit from Chile to begin to catch up on the backlog of colonoscopies that are needed for those at moderate to high risk of bowel cancer, or who have developed symptoms that are suggestive of this possibility. Obviously the number of procedures that can be carried out at any one time is limited by a variety of factors. This means that some of you who are overdue for screening will not be offered appointments on this occasion, as we have prioritised individuals on the basis of clinical need. However this is intended to be the first of several visits so we plan to get through everyone in due course.

If you feel you should be on the recall list (i.e that you may have a slightly higher risk of bowel cancer than the general population due to factors such as a family history of the condition) and have not been offered an appointment then you are welcome to contact us to check that we have your details. However this will not result in an immediate appointment.

For additional online information regarding the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening program, please refer to


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