The Primary Care Service is supported by a Practice Facilitator and consists of Medical Officers, Practice Nurses, and Nurse Practitioner who work closely with other Allied Professionals in order to provide a General Practitioner services modeled on those in the UK. Surgeries are usually held twice a day on each working week day. Appointments are 10 minutes duration.

There are weekly 'camp visits' whereby a settlement is visited by a doctor either by landrover or light aircraft, depending on location. Each settlement is visited approximately every 6 weeks in rotation.

The Practice Nurse runs chronic disease management clinics, well woman (including cervical screening) and the drug (including anticoagulation) monitoring service. We operate a recall system for patients with asthma, chronic heart disease and diabetes.

Two dentists provide dental care for the population, supported by dental nurses and a hygienist. There is no resident qualified optician, although a UK optician visits at intervals of (normally) about six months.