Minor and major emergencies of all kinds are dealt with initially in the small casualty department. During the day, the department is staffed by a senior nurse. At night, the nurse provides on call cover from home. The medical officers provide emergency care on a daily rota. All medical officers attend an Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), and a local trauma course is also run on a regular basis.

There is a full theatre team on duty throughout the normal working week and on call at all other times.

The hospital provides the ambulance service, using 'untrained' drivers accompanied by one of the casualty nurses. In addition, Mount Pleasant (MoD) Airbase provides Search and Rescue helicopters to transport seriously injured patients to and from the hospital.

Very seriously ill patients can be provided with intensive care in the 2-bedded ITU unit, but the hospital capacity is such that this cannot be maintained over a long period. Patients in this situation are stabilised and evacuated out of the islands either via Chilean civilian aeromedical evacuation team to Santiago or via military aircraft to Montevideo. The latter route is used only in the most pressing emergencies, on average once or twice a year.

The department has a major accident plan, which forms part of the overall major incident plan within Falkland Island Government which is also linked into the MoD.

The Social Services Department provides emergency child protection service out of hours.