We have a one-room x-ray facility managed by a qualified radiographer. All images are digitised and specialist advice/interpretation is provided at arm's length by a consultant radiologist where required. A radiography service is also provided for the local veterinary and fisheries departments. There is no facility for MRI or CT.

We undertake bowel screening of over 56's and 'at risk' people identified through their family history or symptomatically. This is done in conjunction with St Marks Hospital, London.

All routine haematology, biochemistry and microbiology tests are completed by the hospital laboratory, with histopathology and more specialised tests and screening, including cervical cytology, going to a variety of UK hospitals. The department participates in the NEQAS quality control and achieves excellent results in all areas.

A small blood bank is supplied on a monthly basis from the UK. In addition, an emergency 'walk-in donor' panel is organised by the department. Volunteers are screened twice a year and their blood used at the time of need.