All medical, dental and community health services are based in the hospital. The 29 bed complement is made up of 18 acute beds, a maternity bed, a single-bedded isolation unit, 2-bed intensive care unit, and 7 long-stay nursing home beds. There are modern facilities for outpatients and community health care, a day centre, 2 dental surgeries, and a single theatre with anaesthetic room.

In close proximity to the hospital, there are 3 blocks of sheltered housing, consisting of a total of 22 units, providing either single per- son or married accommodation. The Social Services Department is housed approximately a mile from the hospital in the Welcome Centre with the Young Person's Residential Unit, Longdon House, in the same street.

The Health and Social Services Department consists of approximately 93 whole time equivalent staff. The Hospital has a staff of 5wte doctors, including surgeon and anesthetist and a range of Nurses and Allied Health Professionals including Midwives, Health Visitor, District Nurse, Community Psychiatric Nurses, Physiotherapist, Speech and Language Therapist, and Dentists. There is a small pharmacy managed by a qualified pharmacist. The Hospital has the normal range of supporting and domestic services as well.

Around half of the staff are local residents and the remainder generally comes from the UK or the commonwealth countries.

The Social Services Department consists of a Team Leader along with both Adult and Child Social Workers, Probation Officer and social work assistants.