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Any Conservation Measures that are implemented are a balance between sustainable management and enabling industry to maximise their efforts. Following are few examples of regularly used measures:

  • We have an area to the northwest of the FICZ/FOCZ (commonly known as ‘the Hake box’) which is traditionally closed for 4-5 months of the year, to vessels not fishing under an ‘A’ licence.
  • We also have a smaller area to the southwest of the FICZ which we have had to close occasionally in order to protect the Toothfish and Grenadier by-catch.
  • We monitor the trend in catches in the Loligo (Squid) fishery and the impact of those catches on the biomass which sometimes, unfortunately, leads to the early closure of the fishery
  • We implemented usage of bird scaring lines, fix aerial arrays and seal exclusion devices to minimize bird and mammal bycatch


Decision Logs

     pdfDecsion_log_BSL streamer recommendation July 2020.pdf137.92 KB (06/2020)

     pdfDecision Log_Compassionate v Part Fishing Day.pdf307.7 KB (07/2020)

     pdfDecision log_Conservation Measure for Loligo 2020.pdf96.9 KB (01/2020)

     pdfDecision log_Discard policy_implementation 2021.pdf19.82 KB (06/2020)

     pdfDecision log_Loligo fishery - early entry and SED s and MRAG.pdf98.04 KB (07/2020)

     pdfDecision log_Loligo fishery - early entry only 2020.pdf91.46 KB (07/2020)

     pdfDecision_log_Loligo fishery_SED deployment X 2020.pdf97.05 KB (07/2020)

     pdfDescision log_loligo licence briefings_July 2020.pdf90.73 KB (07/2020)

     pdfDecsion_log_Skate Mesh sizes recommendation_June 2020.pdf94.09 KB (06/2020)

     pdfDecsion_log_Skate Mesh sizes recommendation_Sept 2020.pdf95.49 KB (09/2020)