Northbound Travel:  Falkland Islands – UK

From 15 February 2021, the UK government has announced new testing requirements for people travelling to England from outside the Common Travel Area, which includes the Falkland Islands.

  • Everyone arriving must quarantine for ten days on arrival
  • Before leaving to travel to England, passengers must book and pay for a ‘travel test package’, which will provide you with Covid-19 tests to be taken on or before day two and on or after day eight of quarantine
  • Complete a passenger locator form before travelling – this is available on the UK government website:
  • Follow any national or local lockdown requirements

The tests cost £210 and must be booked via the following online portal:

You will not be able to leave quarantine until you have received a negative result from the day eight test and have quarantined for 10 days.  If you do not take the tests, it could result in a penalty of up to £2,000. Anyone who tests positive for either test must quarantine for a further ten days from the day that the test was taken. You will still be required to undertake quarantine on arrival into the UK, whether you have been vaccinated in the Falkland Islands or not.

Passengers who arrive into Brize without having completed the Passenger Locator Form risk a fine of £500 and those who have not booked their travel test package are liable for a fine of £1,000 on entry into the UK. These are Border Force penalties and will be issued to anyone who is non-compliant.

The UK Ministry of Defence will be complying with these measures wherever possible. However, there are a limited number of exemptions that may be relevant for some roles:

The UK Ministry of Defence exemption is reserved for service personnel, MOD civil servants, defence contractors and foreign military personnel to deliver essential defence tasks that are not compatible with self-isolating. From 29 March (previously 15 March) day 2 and day 8 testing must be conducted regardless of whether utilising a defence exemption.

Further information is available from the UK government’s website:

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Transiting through the UK:

The Falkland Islands are included in a list of exemptions for passengers transiting through the UK. You do not need to take a test if you began your journey to England from:

  • Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey
  • Ascension, Falkland Islands, St Helena, Myanmar

Passengers will need to have proof of onward travel and continue to exercise good hygiene practices.   

Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing before you travel to England - GOV.UK (