30 March 2021

KEMH Covid-19 travelling vaccination programme – West Falkland and Outer Islands

KEMH is pleased to confirm the schedule for the next phase of its travelling vaccination programme for West Falkland and the Outer Islands. Please note, these plans are subject to change in the event of adverse weather conditions. In order for the visits to be as efficient as possible, vaccinations on the Outer Islands will be administered at airstrips.

Please note that this phase of the travelling vaccination programme will involve providing second doses to people who received their first vaccine between 8 and 26 February, as well as providing first doses for anyone aged over 18 who has not yet received their first dose.

If you live in these areas and have previously declined to have the vaccination, but would now like to reconsider, then we encourage you contact the hospital 28000 to confirm that you would like to receive your first dose during the week beginning 5 April 2021.

What should I expect on the day of my vaccination?

The travelling vaccination team will arrive via FIGAS near to the scheduled time. If you are receiving your first dose you will be asked to confirm your information and to complete a consent form. If you are receiving your second dose, you will be given your completed vaccination card which proves that you have been fully immunised – it is your responsibility to keep this record safe.

You will be able to ask questions on the day, but please help us by looking at the FIG vaccination FAQs in advance as your query may well have already been answered. Please find these online by visiting: https://fig.gov.fk/covid-19/vaccinations/vaccine-faq

What can I expect after I have my vaccination?

Some people have a sore arm and experience slight flu-like symptoms for 24 hours following the vaccine. If this is the case then you can take paracetamol. If you feel more unwell or are concerned then you can phone KEMH on 28000 for further advice. Evidence suggests that the second vaccine causes fewer side effects in most people than the first.

What happens if I cannot attend my vaccination as I am unwell or in quarantine?

If you are in quarantine or unwell at the schedule time for the team to arrive then we will arrange some catch up vaccination slots, in batches of 10, later on. Please contact KEMH reception on 28000 if this applies to you so that we make alternative arrangements for you.

What happens if I leave the Falklands before the second dose?

If you have had your first dose but find that you need to leave the Islands, please speak to KEMH to inform them of your travel plans, to agree the best solution for ensuring that you receive both doses of the vaccine – it may be that you receive your second dose in the UK.

What about the press stories about the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots?

People may have seen recent media stories linking the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine to blood clots, with some countries temporarily suspending the use of the vaccine. However, the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), World Health Organization (WHO) and European Medicines Agency have all confirmed that the vaccine is safe to use.

As the pandemic continues, we are being exposed to a huge amount of information on Covid-19, much of which is misinformation or disinformation. All of the scientific research indicates that vaccines for Covid-19 the vaccine is highly effective at providing people with protection against severe or critical illness. The world has lost 2.8m people to Covid-19 and, by getting vaccinated, you are not only protecting yourself, you are also taking care of your community. If you have any concerns that might prohibit you from getting vaccinated, please call KEMH on 28000 or visit our website: https://www.fig.gov.fk/covid-19

Timings for travelling vaccination programme – week beginning 5 April

Monday 5 April

Bleaker Island 9am
Sea Lion Island 9:35am
Speedwell Island 10:10am
Fox Bay 10:45am

Tuesday 6 April

Pebble Island  9:10am 
Saunders Island 9:40am 
Carcass Island 10:15am
West Point Island 10:40am
Hill Cove  11:10am
Port Howard 1:20pm

Wednesday 7 April

Beaver Island 9:40am
New Island 10:05am

These plans are subject to change in the event of adverse weather conditions.