11 February 2021

'Restriction on Movement’ Declaration and essential travel update

Further to recent announcements, the Declaration of Emergency restricting movements under regulations 11 and 12 has been reviewed and will continue to remain in force. This means that if people do not follow the guidance provided, then any movements to or from the following areas remain subject to legal restrictions:

  • Mount Pleasant Complex
  • Head Quarters British Forces South Atlantic Islands, which lies south of Mount Pleasant Complex
  • East Cove Military Post/Mare Harbour Naval Port, including the Petroleum Storage Depot and West Jetty
  • RADCON, which lies adjacent to the MPA Road
  • Mount Alice Remote Radar Head – West Falkland
  • Mount Byron Remote Radar Head – West Falkland
  • Mount Kent Remote Radar Head – East Falkland
  • Fox Bay Remote Helicopter Refuelling Site – East Falkland

For journeys considered by FIG/BFSAI to involve essential tasks (and are therefore permitted, even whilst the legal restrictions remain in place) people will be given a permit, so that they can prove that they are able to enter or leave the above areas. They will also be asked to take a pre-departure Covid-19 swab test before they start their journey.

Examples of essential tasks include the requirement for military personnel to travel on the Concordia Bay in order to carry out vital operations, or for civilians to journey to Mount Pleasant in order to travel on the South Atlantic Airbridge, or to deliver or collect airmail or cargo.

For further information on how to apply for essential travel authorisation and to arrange a Covid-19 test swabbing prior to taking your journey, please see the ‘Guidance on movement restrictions and Mount Pleasant Complex’ document in the ‘Declaration of Emergency’ section of the government website: Declaration of Emergency

The declaration is currently due to expire at 11:59pm on 17 February 2021.