11 February 2021

Covid-19 update: MPC Covid-19 cluster contained

On 28 January, access to MPC* was restricted after a military medic involved in quarantine surveillance swabbing tested positive for Covid-19.  As part of a coordinated plan, based on medical and public health advice, non-essential facilities in MPC were closed, and only essential travel to and from MPC was permitted.

Following track and test efforts, all level one contacts were placed in isolation between 27 January and 11 February, in accordance with government policy. Individuals whose tests have proved negative will be able to leave isolation on 11 February. People who continue to test positive for Covid-19 are being cared for and remain in isolation.

As a consequence, the Covid-19 cluster at MPC is considered contained and BFSAI will now pursue a phased reopening process during the period of 11-19 February. This will involve a gradual reopening of facilities within the base and, from 19 February, it is intended that restrictions regarding travel to and from the base will be lifted.

More information about Covid-19 and the steps people can take to remain vigilant and themselves safe is available by visiting the government website: www.fig.gov.fk/covid-19.

*MPC includes Mount Pleasant Airfield, Mount Pleasant Head Quarters, RADCON and East Cove Military Ports (Mare Harbour Port), Remote Radar Heads Alice, Byron, Kent and Fox Bay Remote Refuelling site.