09 February 2021

Update on Covid-19 swabbing in the Falkland Islands

As of today, Tuesday 9 February, the latest swabbing results are as follows:

  • Total number of swab tests taken and processed to date: 6,940
  • Total number of swabs taken but not yet tested: 5
  • Total number of positive test results since 3 April 2020: 53
  • Number of current positive test results within the Islands: 15

These current positive cases are all in quarantine or self-isolation. One person remains in hospital receiving medical support.

As a reminder, the KEMH is currently running phase one of its vaccination programme for everyone over 50 and those under 50 who are eligible by virtue of a significant underlying health condition or undertaking an ‘at risk’ occupation. Times and dates for vaccination slots have been circulated across government communications channels and in the local media. If you are unwell or unable to attend your intended vaccination slot then please contact KEMH reception on 28000 to arrange to take part in a catch-up vaccination session at a later date.

Speaking of vaccinations, FIGAS has advised KEMH that the weather conditions are not particularly favourable for the planned vaccination flights due to take place in Camp and the Outer Islands tomorrow. The published schedule, therefore, may change.

KEMH is hopeful that the team will be able to visit Pebble Island, Saunders Island, Carcass Island, West Point Island, Hill Cove and Port Howard but it may not be possible to fly to all (if any) of those destinations tomorrow.  Please could all of our patients currently in these places keep an eye on the usual FIGAS channels to stay up to date with the vaccination team's progress throughout the day.

The next weekly swabbing update will be on Tuesday 16 February.