09 February 2021

Transportation arrangements when arriving into the Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands Government would like to inform the public, that FIGO will be asking southbound passengers for their onward travel arrangements from MPC to Stanley, when booking a flight.

While the Infectious Diseases Control (Coronavirus, Quarantine) Regulations 2020 are in effect, the only approved airport transport methods are:

  • a seat booked with an approved designated airport transport provider – (this is Penguin Travel), or
  • a vehicle which has been left at the airport for the passenger(s) to self-drive themselves to a quarantine address, or
  • collection by someone with whom the arriving passenger will be quarantining.

Due to the health and safety requirements placed on designated transport providers, there is limited seating capacity and Penguin Travel has a maximum capacity of 40 passengers.

Requesting a seat via Penguin Travel only a few days before the flight is due to arrive in the Falkland Islands is therefore not advisable, as this is too short notice for people to make alternative travel arrangements if Penguin Travel is fully booked.