The Director of Civil Aviation, Bruce Wilks, has flown north for the week whilst he attends the Overseas Territories Safety and Performance Council (OTSPC) Committee Meeting. The OTSPC was formed in 2013 with representatives from the UK Overseas Territories and Air Safety Support International (ASSI).

These are the founding elements of the OTSPC Terms of Reference:

  • To identify clear desired safety outcomes, action plans to deliver those outcomes and measures to determine success.
  • To make recommendations to the ASSI Board on priorities in the implementation of regulatory procedures and practices and thus enable ASSI Board to make informed judgements on risk and liabilities arising from aviation activity across all the OTs.
  • To guide the best and most efficient use of the available safety resources in the OTs, focussing on the safety issues that are most important and locally relevant.
  • Act as liaison and/or conduit for operators/industry and other stakeholders in the OTs.
  • To develop the principles of Safety Management Systems (SMS) in the OTs to promote a positive safety culture in all areas of aviation activity.
  • To develop fully functioning Safety Oversight Management Systems (SOMS) in the OTs ensuring that OTAAs are both fit for purpose and efficient.

We look forward to Bruce's return, and the updates that he brings back with him regarding the regulation of civil aviation within the Falkland Islands.


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