Tax & Pensions

Tax payments can be received at:

FIG Taxation Office (open 0900-1200 Mon-Fri) - +500 28470

FIG Treasury Cashier (open 0900-1200 Mon-Fri) - +500 28411

Falkland Islands branch of Standard Chartered Bank

Paying by Cheque

Please make the cheque payable to Falkland Islands Government and send to:

FIG Taxation Office

Secretariat, Thatcher Drive


Falkland Islands

Paying by Remitting Money to the Falkland Islands by SWIFT

1) Please ensure all banks involved in the transfer are instructed to debit charges from the remitter.

The Falkland Islands branch of SCB do not have any charges from incoming money but payments going through London do have a £35 charge from the London end.

The bank charges are out of our control and it is the taxpayer's responsibility to ensure all charges are paid by them so that the actual amount due is paid to the Falkland Islands Government Taxation Office.

For any amounts received short of the amount due, the balance will be treated as an amount outstanding with payment being pursued and any relevant interest and penalties applied.

2) It would be useful if you could please notify the Taxation Office, in advance of the transfer, of the amount being remitted and details of what it is for or send the relevant remittance advice to avoid payments being misallocated. Information and remittances can be emailed by clicking the link

Download the SCB Customer Guidance Note for further details on how to make payment by this method