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Strong Support for Phased Development of New Port

The Falkland Islands Government has released the findings of the 'Your Future – Your Say' community consultation exercise following the approval of Members.

The results reflect very strong support for phased development of the new port to serve its potential users.

Over three quarters of respondents preferred port design option 1; to build out into the sea, rather than causeway based.

 Almost two thirds of respondents supported access 'Route 1', the route east from Moody Brook to a low point along Wireless Ridge, however there were a number of suggestions put forward regarding the pathway for the access route.

The findings show less clear expressions of choice for the future of the Gordon Lines area, for development on the south side of the Camber, and for the location of temporary workers' accommodation.

MLA Dick Sawle said: "I am very pleased with the engagement of the community. We received 164 responses in total, which is a substantial response rate. There was no surprise about the extent of different opinions we received however there are some very clear messages from the analysis, which will be taken forward.

"Policy principles will be drafted to refine the intentions for each of the early decision areas and further work is essential to develop the early key decisions within the wider infrastructure development planning context".

The first stage consultation exercise provided brief background details on the new deep water port to be located at Port William and asked respondents to express their views on the early key decision areas, as identified in the 'Towards an Infrastructure Development Plan' produced by David Smethurst Consultancy.

The consultation process involved the distribution of consultation documents in all local amenities, a drop-in session at the Town Hall on Monday 3rd June and a FIRS phone-in on 5th June. An online blog was also created where the consultation document could be downloaded and various assemblies were carried out at the Falkland Islands Community School (FICS) and at the Infant Junior School (IJS).

The results of the consultation, all comments and the responses received from the IJSquestionnaire can be viewed on the consultation tab.


Camp Residents Set to Receive Improved FM Radio Package

The Stanley FM radio package is to be extended Island wide following a recent consultation carried out by Falkland Islands Government. 89% of respondents expressed their preference to receive the radio package that is currently aired throughout Stanley.

The multi-channel FM transmitter network will provide three channels across the Islands. The preferred package includes FIRS, BFBS Falklands and BFBS Radio 2 with BBC World Service to be broadcast when FIRS is off air.

The Falkland Islands Government and KTV Ltd. have signed a contract for a new FM radio network with the aim of providing equity of services and FM coverage throughout the Islands and, to deliver an improved service with high quality reception.

MLA Dick Sawle said, "Camp is a pivotal part of the Falkland Islands community and Government is committed to providing services to Camp residents
that enhance the quality of life for those living there. We hope the extension of the Stanley radio package will enhance Camp's communication with the rest of the Islands and the international community."

The whole network is due to be completed by 1st June 2014 and it is anticipated that some areas may go live prior to this date.

The camp radio consultation was distributed to all Camp residents on Monday 17th June.

Contract Signing