Winter School 2017

Every July the Camp Education children gather for a week of fun learning at IJS.  This year the focus was on Computing.  Mrs Armstrong-Ford taught the children how to do programing using Beebots, Probots and Scratch.  Later on in the week, everyone made Stop Motion Animations using iPods. 

The children went on several visits around town to see how computers are used in the real world.  Camp Ed would like to thank Government House, FIRS (Falkland Island Radio Service), Conservation, and the Library for your generous time and assistance.  Thanks also to the Leisure Centre for swimming lessons every day: the children have progressed so much with their skills and confidence! 

Camp Ed Summer Camp 2017


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 Summer Camp San Carlos 2017

By Abigail & Madison

Day one

At seven thirty am on the twentieth of February 2017 we set off in the car to Port Howard, on our way to Summer Camp, at San Carlos. We talked and talked until we got there and got on the ferry with the other camp kids from Port Howard. When we got to New Haven, we were glad we were nearly there and drove the short distance to Goose Green. We had great fun in the school playground, it was huge! After eating lunch, on the steps we got in the car for San Carlos. This time, Beth, Jessica and Kate were also in the car with us. It was forty five minutes and it was a long drive with LOADS of hills on the way. When we got there we put up our tents. The other team made supper and we thought of team names. Beth, Alicia ,Kate, Scott and I were in the . . . Lions!!. Madison, Jessica, Anthony and Emma were the . . . Wolves!! .We had burgers for supper and angel delight and fruit, for pudding. Then we went to bed and talked! Scott was especially excited because he had never slept in a tent before.

Day two                                      

We woke early, at six forty five and talked. Then we got dressed, and went into the house and had breakfast. A bit later the Lions went to the museum and Wolves went to pottery (more on that later). The Museum is a small cabin but seems huge there is even a section on the watch group and a picture of me (Abigail)! I loved the war zone because it is my favourite subject. We also set some (hard) questions for the wolves on the war. Then we went back and had some delicious smoko! When we had finished, we went to Andi’s place to paint some pottery. I did a starry night and a sun set, other people painted clay penguins and dragons. Then we came back and had a barbeque with sausages on a stick and toasted marshmallows. After lunch, we walked to Blue Beach Cemetery and read the names on the graves and found out what regiments they were from. We spent quite some time there reading and all felt quite moved, by the time we got to sign the visitors book. Finally, we went to the beach and made landscape art pictures of our animals with natural materials. When we got home we prepared Shepherd’s Pie for dinner and ate it all! We played drama games, did a freindship web and finally went to bed.

Day 3

Wednesday morning, after breakfast, we drove to Wreck Point and hiked for about an hour to Ajax Bay, stopping for smoko on the way. Ajax Bay is where a hospital was set up in an old abattoir, during the war. The sign above the door still reads, “the red and green life machine”. There is also a memorial, where soldiers were buried before their bodies were later moved to the cemetery at San Carlos or back to the United Kingdom. There was also a large colony of Gentoo Penguins.

We ate lunch on the beach, it was a beautiful day. After lunch, Tracey Forrester, made us hot chocolate in her Kelly Kettle. This was served on the beach with marshmallows. Kate and Anthony both agreed this was a highlight of camp. No one had ever drunk hot chocolate on the beach before!

The hike back to Wreck Point was harder on the way home. Hills and the wind tested us. Dinner that night was Pasta Bolognaise (Abigail’s favourite meal). One group helped cook each night and the other group washed and dried the dishes.

Day 4

Thursday morning, after breakfast, we had to squeeze all our belongings back into our packs, and pull down the tents. When all the work was done, we drove back to Goose Green. Everyone was tired and very dirty. San Carlos is short on water, so no body (teachers included) had showered for 3 nights! Back at Goose Green we showered, so as not to offend anybody on the trip back to the west. It was one of the few times we had been looking forward to a shower ever, in our lives!

So, refreshed from a shower, certificates were presented and everyone agreed it had been an awesome camp! Abigail and Madison were sad to say it was their last camp camp.

The kids who lived on the west had to go on the ferry to Port Howard and some of the kids had a longer journey to get home to Fox Bay or Spring Point Farm.


By Emma

At camp all the camp children between y3 and y5 went on a camping trip to San Carlos.

On Monday we all went on the ferry because we were going to San Carlos. Before we went for San Carlos we went to Goose Green to pick up the other children. When we got there we had lunch then we carried on to San Carlos. When we got to San Carlos we put up the tents. The wolf team made burgers for supper and angel delight for pudding. The lions did the washing up.

On Tuesday we had breakfast I had coco pops. When we finished breakfast we went to Andi’s house to paint some pottery I painted a penguin and a heart. When we got back we had lunch. After lunch we went to the museum to make some questions for the lions. Next we went to the cemetery to look at the people who died in the war. After we went back to the self catering. The lions made some cottage pie and some jelly. Just before bed time we had some hot chocolate.

On Wednesday we had an amazing breakfast. I had beans on toast. After breakfast we made a picnic to take to Ajax Bay that was the old hospital but first we had to drive to Wreck Point. When we got to Ajax Bay we all sore a penguin colony and some cow’s. Then we went to the beach to have some hot chocolate Tracey used her Kelly kettle. Next we went home to make supper this time the wolfs were making supper it was bow bolognaise, pudding and custard.

On Thursday we had to pack up the tents then we went to Goose Green. At Goose Green we had a shower, watched a film and did some map reading then we got on the ferry to go to Port Howard. I was a bit sad but I was happy that I was going home.


Camping at San Carlos

By Scott

We went on the ferry. We drove from the ferry to Goose Green and we picked up the other children and had lunch. We drove to our camp site at San Carlos. Then we put up the tents and had some burgers and angel delight for supper. After that we went to bed.

When we got up it was very early so we tried to get back to sleep but we couldn’t so we just had a chat. when we had some breakfast team lion went to the museum and maid some hard questions for team wolf. They were painting pottery and thene team lion and team wolf swapped jobs. When we were done we went to the cemetery and we read 8 verses of a poem about the war. Then we had some beautiful cottage pie, jelly and hot chocolate for supper .

The next morning we had breakfast then we all maid a picnic. Then we went to Wreck Point to go to Ajax bay. We had a walk to bomb alley . Then we had some hot chocolate on the beach with Kelly kettle. After that me and Alicia were chatting all the way home. Then we were reading a book together. Everyone had supper and went to bed.

On Thursday morning we packed up and we were heading to Goose Green. When we got there we had a shower and then watched 2 films and then we did some map reading. Then we drove to the ferry and went home.




Kevin-Joe and Scott are two squash buckling pirates                                     Scott uses a Bee-Bot to guide him to the treasure.

Talk like a Pirate Day at Port Howard

Kevin-Joe reads the clues to find the treasure to Scott. AAARRRGH ME HEARTIES.

World Book Day

The children in Camp enjoyed celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as book characters.  Can you guess which ones they are?

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