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Miscellaneous Information:

Georgina was born and raised in the county of Lancashire in the North-west of England. She undertook her undergraduate degree in Marine Biology / Zoology at Bangor University in North Wales in the U.K., with a final project that assessed the human impact on sharks and rays globally. Following this Georgina went on to study a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Ecosystem-based Management of Marine Systems, at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, focusing on assessing the spatial ecology of an upper level predatory fish, from the Pacific.

Upon completion of her MSc graduation, Georgina moved to the Philippines as a research assistant where she used camera based technologies to carry out assessments on elasmobranchs. Two years later she was appointed a position as a Project Officer in Dorset, U.K, to carry out similar research as in the Philippines, still with focus on elasmobranchs. Georgina was then appointed the position of a Scientific fisheries observer in the Falklands in January 2019, and has taken on research projects focussing on elasmobranchs of the South Atlantic.