ijs200x135Portfolio Holder: The Hon. Dr Barry Elsby
Deputy: The Hon. Roger Edwards

Education (Schools, FE/HE, Training)
Youth Development
Sport & Leisure Services
Art & Culture

Policy and Public Relations

tourism200x135Portfolio Holder: The Hon. Michael Poole
Deputy: The Hon. Jan Cheek

Policy (Policy, Natural Statistics, Environmental Planning, Archives, EU Issues)
Public Relations/Public Diplomacy
Falkland Islands Government Office (FIGO)

Health & Public Protection

kemh200x135Portfolio Holder: The Hon. Mike Summers
Deputy: The Hon. Dr. Barry Elsby

Health Services (Health, Social Services, Housing)
Emergency Services (Police, Fire & Rescue, Customs & Immigration, FIDF)

Treasury, Finance and Regulatory Services

government200x135Portfolio Holder: The Hon. Roger Edwards
Deputy: The Hon. Mike Summers

Treasury (Finance & Taxation)
Attorney General (Legal Services, Registry, Regulation)

Public Works

Portfolio Holder: The Hon. Gavin ShortRoadworks200x135
Deputy: The Hon. Phyl Rendell

Design & Contracts
Plant & Vehicle
Power & Electrical
Property & Municipal

Trade and Industry

fimco200x135Portfolio Holder: The Hon. Jan Cheek
Deputy: The Hon. Michael Poole

Mineral Resources
Major Projects Planning
Stanley Services Ltd.
Falkland Islands Development Corporation (Falkland Islands Meat Company)

Natural Resources

sheep200x135Portfolio Holder: The Hon. Phyl Rendell
Deputy: The Hon. Ian Hansen

Fisheries (Fisheries & Marine Issues)
Rural Development
Falkland Landholdings
South American Atlantic Services

Central Services

figas200x135Portfolio Holder: The Hon. Ian Hansen
Deputy: The Hon. Gavin Short

Central Services (Human Resources, IT, Leisure Centre, FIGAS, Post Office, Fox Bay Village, Courts Admin, Projects & Contract, Audit)

Public Accounts Committee: The Hon. Michael Poole