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Wool Press

Monthly the Department of Agriculture prepares a publication filled with information on departmental activities, farming related information articles and often views and practices from farmers themselves are shared with the general community.
Please note that we now only be uploading the Wool Press a month after it is published. If you would like to read it sooner, then please contact us for details for a subscription.

Biennial Report Files: 4

Every second year, a comprehensive breakdown of departmental activities and published in the form of a Biennial Report.

Farming Statistics Files: 12

Every year the Farming Statistics are compiled from information returned in the annual Stock Return (completed by farmers). They include animal numbers and movements, settlement populations and amount of land farmed in the Islands

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DoA Publications

Biosecurity News

Vehicle Check List
Are you thinking about importing a vehicle to the Falklands?

If you are please take a moment to have a look at our vehicle check list which provides vital information, frequently contaminated vehicle areas and tips to ensure the vehicle arrives in the Falklands ‘clean’.

Exporting Guidelines
We often get asked about exporting items such as scientific samples or souvenirs from the Falklands. The following guidelines will point you in the right direction and give you more details about the kind of export permits you may require (Export Guidelines / Export Guidelines (Spanish))

 More information can be found on our Biosecurity page or by contacting our Biosecurity Officer