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 Date 2017  Drug
8th February Droncit
15th March Droncit
19th April Droncit
24th May Droncit
28th June Drontal
2nd August Droncit
6th September Droncit
11th October Droncit
15th November Droncit
20th December Droncit
24th January 2018 Drontal


Important Notice
All dog owners are responsible for worming their own pets, and are still asked to please contact the Veterinary Office on telephone 27366 and confirm this has been done. Please feel free to contact us out of hours by leaving a messgae on the anwser machine or emailing Sarah Bowles.
It is also important to keep an eye on your dogs weight to ensure the correct dosage. All dog owners are always welcome to call into the Vets and use our scales, but we do ask that you phone first to let us know you are coming.