• agriculture ban2
Horses and wind turbine
Pens at Shallow Bay
Wool bins at West Lagoons
Reseed at Leicester Creek
Blue Beach crop
Cattle at Bold Cove
Cliffs at Port Stephens
Driving sheep
Ferry loading at Port Howard
Hay crop at Elephant Beach
Penning sheep
Penguins at stoney ridge
Sheep at Port Howard
South Harbour
Sunset at Spring Point
West Lagoons shearing shed
National Beef Herd Cattle

Biosecurity News

Vehicle Check List
Are you thinking about importing a vehicle to the Falklands?

If you are please take a moment to have a look at our vehicle check list which provides vital information, frequently contaminated vehicle areas and tips to ensure the vehicle arrives in the Falklands ‘clean’.

Exporting Guidelines
We often get asked about exporting items such as scientific samples or souvenirs from the Falklands. The following guidelines will point you in the right direction and give you more details about the kind of export permits you may require (Export Guidelines / Export Guidelines (Spanish))

 More information can be found on our Biosecurity page or by contacting our Biosecurity Officer